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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

 Ah, Giving Tuesday. My favorite time of the year, giving time! It doesn’t have to begin and end in one day, or even one season, of course, giving is always in style.
In just over two weeks, since Giving Tuesday, we have raised just over $15k for Wellfit Girls. Thank you doesn’t scratch the surface of gratitude we have for you! But, here is our most humble and grateful thank you! We owe a huge, big, warm, and overzealous thank you to everyone that supported, shared, and most importantly gave (tax-deductibly) to Wellfit Girls in the past couple of weeks.
There were some inspiring and creative ways people chose to donate this year. One of our fundraising committee members requested donations to Wellfit Girls in lieu of birthday gifts from family and friends. Some have made donations directly to Wellfit Girls as holiday gifts for their families and our most recent gift was a $1k cash prize for winning a holiday boat show in Florida! How cool is that?
We are moving quickly into our fourth annual Wellfit Girls leadership program in SWFL, beginning in January. What’s even more exciting is that we have more than doubled our size this year by expanding to north to neighboring Lee County.
We have grown our community of networkers, influencers, volunteers and even staff! Our financial needs are great, but luckily our hearts and passion are even bigger, which allows us to serve more girls (and soon, boys)!
You know me, I could go on and one with prose here, but I am going to keep this short(ish). I am so in love with Wellfit Girls and what we are creating. This past fall we launched our first alumni program with girls from all three previous years. It was incredible to get to know the girls more, watch them flourish with more in-depth coaching and see their commitment to supporting our fundraising for next year’s Wellfit Girls.
Thank you for supporting us in rising up inspired, strong, empowered, socially and ecologically minded leaders of the future. If you would like to help us get to our Giving Tuesday $20k goal, we’d love to invite you to join our tax-deductible fundraising efforts at any level. End of the year, festive giving…‘tis the season.
You can donate at Wellfit Girls Fund a Girl Campaign.
Life certainly is full of blessings and challenges and while we share our gratitude, I also want to acknowledge the pain and loss people have experienced in 2016. From friends and family deaths, to beloved celebrity deaths, to environmental, social and political challenges, it’s been a really intense year for a lot of people. I sincerely thank you for continuing to read my letters and for supporting our cause. As we continue to laugh, cry, dream and create vision together, we can create a better, more loving world.
Throughout this season (and always), I want to remind you that I am here for you—the joyous and the-not-so-joyous. I know I say this all the time, but I mean it. Reach out if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, lonely or not so empowered and inspired. Sometimes the darkest hour is just before the dawn of our figurative worlds. I am here and I care.
In loving-kindness,

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