Vulnerability is the New Black

Thought leader, author and researcher, Brené Brown, says vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change. As I embark on exciting new projects, am revealed in an amazing feature cover article of a magazine, and write from the heart, I’ll consider my vulnerability as genius innovation, okay? On the other hand, I sometimes feel like curling under the covers after so much exposure!

It takes a lot of energy to be out in the world, trying new things and breaking trail. I love it and also fear it at the same time. Sometimes it would be easier to fly just under the radar, but it’s too late for that. I’ve launched and am soaring. I feel grateful for the opportunities to create and am following my passion; my work feels authentic and I am finally in a place in my life where I feel the accolades are deserved. A big part of what allows me to accept myself and feel deserving is the willingness to make mistakes and not believe I am a mistake.

Removing the pressure to get “it” all right, all the time, allows me to take risks more freely.
Me? Featured on the Cover of a Magazine!


A buzz of warm excitement washed over my whole body when I first saw the cover. If I had to pick the cover of a magazine on which to be, it would be a magazine about inspiring and empowering women, which is what eBella is all about! I felt seen and honored. I wrote the post below on Facebook following the release of the eBella Magazine feature article:

“I’m not gonna lie…it feels really nice to be honored on the cover of a magazine…a dream many of us girls have growing up in an image-crazed society…but I never really fit into the model-image mold, don’t wear a lot of make up and prefer the natural look. So, here it is, at 40, a “cover girl”, and I feel proud because it has nothing to do with image that got me there–it was my love, dedication and passion for inspiring and empowering women–the magazine’s mission. It is validating and encouraging; I am on the right path as a leader, therapist, adventurer and yogi…

So, how did they choose little ol’ me for the feature? I learned that I was selected after a few of my clients had written to the magazine nominating me for the work I do with women’s groups and Wellfit Institute. So, the biggest reward is that my work, my life’s passion, has a positive impact. Another big surprise is a letter my mother had written to the magazine a while back (read, I was still 39 when she wrote it)! My mother is short with words and I believed she never completely understood the path I took. Her words meant the world to me.

Words from my mama:
The smaller twin is rarely born first, but Jill could not wait to greet the world, and greet the world she did, with gusto! Thirty-nine years later, she greets each day with the same gusto, always ready for a new experience and a new challenge. Jill believes that every woman should have the opportunity to be the woman she aspires to be and to have the adventures that she desires to have. Always the trailblazer, even as a child, Jill continually challenges herself and is eager to share her knowledge of water sports, rock climbing, wilderness survival and numerous other adventures. Fitness has always been a priority for Jill and teaching yoga is a natural for her. Having run the New York Marathon, among other very difficult achievements, Jill has a deep respect for discipline, training and lots of adventure!

Apparently, these letters came in over time and got the attention of è Bella Magazine. No matter what it is, if your dream is to grace the cover of a magazine, run a marathon, lose 30 pounds, cure cancer, beat cancer, fight depression, start a business, love yourself more­–whatever your dream–GO FOR IT.

Great surprises happen every day and when you are on the right path, the universe conspires to make it successful with you and for you.

  • Jill, I deeply connect with this article and am honored to be part of this journey with you. As always, your words give me the courage to press on.
    “I’ll consider my vulnerability as genius innovation, okay? On the other hand, I sometimes feel like curling under the covers after so much exposure!”
    I love your bravery and humility. Don’t shy away from the sun as it shines down on you. Let us bask in the warmth of your glory with you! No hiding in the shade.

    October 10, 2013 at 10:01 am
    • Wellfit

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts…as always, I value you!

      October 10, 2013 at 11:42 am

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