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Do Less, Be More: Presence is a Practice. ELEPHANT JOURNAL

I made a decision to repeat the words “I am enough, I have enough, I do enough,” every morning to remind myself that I am good enough right now—not because of what I’ve accomplished or what I plan to do, but simply because I am worthy just as I am right now, waking up bad-breath’d and bed-headed.

Ever since I began to begin my days with this mantra, I have naturally created a more sustainable pace in my daily schedule, and ultimately, my life. This mental training takes practice. The practice leads to a mindset, a mindfulness mindset that actually makes my life feel more full, while doing less.

I am not quite perfect at it yet—like any practice, I must repeat often and regularly. It helps me to believe, and I really believe that every moment of every day is an opportunity to start the day over. Sometimes I get halfway through the day and repeat the “I am enough” mantra, because I have forgotten self-kindness, and I fall back into the striving for something different…or better…or more.

Sometimes while waiting at a traffic light, I want to reach for my cell phone to check the ubiquitous text messages or change the song or make a call, and I remind myself that this moment is enough. I remind myself to simply drive when driving. When I am standing up while eating my hurried lunch for the fourth day in a row, I remind myself to just eat while I am eating.

“Do this to just do this. Don’t do this to do that,” I heard actor Willem Dafoe say in an interview not too long ago and it spoke right to my core. From the way that I connect with others, to the way I have approached sports, my career and relationships—I have often spent too much time longing for the way things were or imagining how they could be better.


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