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April flew by in a flash. Belize, Costa Rica and California were wholehearted adventures with family, friends and clients and I am feeling fully alive and gratefully blessed. I have been so engaged in these adventures I am almost at a loss of what and how to write about it all. Being completely present has deepened my connection to people and the moment, but it’s also made it hard for me to write about after the fact.

Sometimes I don’t want to share too much of my adventures for fear of upsetting those I know are going through hard times. Sometimes I can’t even capture the words to do the experience justice. Sometimes I am exhausted and sometimes I am just so damn content I don’t need to even tell anyone anything.

Then I get letters in my inbox, like the one shared below, and it’s a gift and a reminder. I am reminded that sharing with others is what makes us feel connected and mutually inspired. It’s nice to hear how I’ve positively impacted someone else, and I am reminded that because I share my stories and my journey, I have inspired others to do the same.

I have battled an inner war inside for a long time, hearing my mom’s voice in the back of my head telling me I need to settle down, that I am selfish and unrealistic and need to be home more. I am living my life through my feet, through the wind in my hair and the thumping in my chest when I walk in the woods, fly a kite across the water or step in front of a full theater to speak about Warrior One.

I am living the only way I know how, in full expression, in full adventure.

I don’t always know what I am doing or how it’s going to work out as a plan, but I DO know that when I follow my feet, the breeze and the buzz of my heart it always leads me down the right path for right now. Those paths ultimately lead to the right life.

I will have a few different galleries posted on Wellfit Institute website and our Facebook pages in the next few weeks, which will include a beautiful lifestyle photoshoot around Ambergris Caye by Anna Kate of The Legendary Adventures of Anna, the Kite.Paddle.Yoga Wellfit Women’s Adventure in Costa Rica and our 2nd annual yoga fundraiser for the Wellfit Girls program.

Wellfit Community Inspiration

I woke up to this in my inbox this week, from one of my dearest women’s group members over three years. She asked me to share this with our community. I cried happy tears reading this and continue to appreciate this dialogue and mutual opportunity to express gratitude. We could all do this with everyone in our lives! Share your love and appreciation. It sure felt GREAT to read this. Thank you, Adriana!

Dear Jill,

Today I am a world traveler, home-school educator, co-owner of a small business and blog writer.  Three years ago I was not. Three years ago I was unhappy in a job I hated. Today I love my life and can’t wait for my next adventure.  What was the catalyst for this change?  I can easily say it was the Wellfit Women’s Empowerment Group.  With Jill and the women in the group I was able to let go of some really bad ideas I had about my life and myself.  I was able to release the past and its hold on me, or shall I say my hold on it.  I not only explored my purpose and my passion but I gained the courage to pursue it.   I now am bravely acting on my wishes and desires.

In January I was approached by Colby Robertson of Wellfit Girl’s empowerment program.  She asked if my daughter might be interested in the group.  I jumped at the chance and am very glad I did. The upcoming trip to Peru will be an amazing experience, but the planning and preparing for the excursion has been too.  I’ve seen her confidence grow exponentially.  Her anxiety issues have subsided almost completely.  Part of this change was our home-school transition this year but the girls in the group and the leadership assignments have made this year that much better!

I wish more women and girls had access to a Wellfit empowerment group.  I recommend it highly to anyone who is considering it.  I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience and I hope Jill continues sharing her gift with the world.  Thank you Jill Wheeler!  We Love You!!!

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