Dance Like Everyone is Watching


Many of us are continually curating our lives on social media platforms to appear a certain way.

I am just as much a part of the museum quality Facebook life as the next person. I would go so far as to say my excuse is that I am so busy and it’s simply easier to post/share/express on my timeline, knowing many of my close friends and family will be in the loop all at once. For the most part, this way we stay globally connected is a good thing.

…such a good thing that we could use it for good; for real connection. Consider Facebook the connective tissue of the body. Think about all the old pals with whom you’ve reconnected along the way, the business leads, the friends of friends now turned into lovers, friends or spouses. While Facebook is the connective tissue, real life is the flesh and bones. We still need to be felt, heard and seen in the real world for who we are and what we are doing in the world.

While I love the convenience of reaching my Wellfit Institute and personal community en masse, my most poignant moments continue to be face-to-face, in-the-flesh interactions. As I am inspired daily on my various (preferred) social media outlets, FacebookTwitter and Instagram, I am reminded of the power we have as global citizens to inspire hope, change, charity and peace.

It was a silly thing that sparked this passionate awareness for me. My daughters were annoyed that we had to stop to get gas at 9:30 the other night following a big family dinner. I was trying to make it fun for all of us and distract them from complaining so I lowered the car windows, raised the volume of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and proceeded to shake, shake, shake it while pumping the gas…head, arms, legs, even using the gas hose as a prop. They were mortified, begging me to stop, pleading that the line of traffic across the street could see me.

I proclaimed that no one is watching, no one cares, to have a little fun. Ten minutes later I received a text from a fellow yoga teacher at Bala Vinyasa Yoga where I teach:

“Those were some killer moves you were busting at Hess station, lol
Dance like no one is watching. *smiley face”

…so, like I said the world IS watching.

The world wants to be inspired by humility, authenticity, sharing, caring, love, peace, kindness and so much more. I am not talking about putting on a show. I am talking about leveraging the fact that everything we do is on display. Someone is looking for a story, a trend, inspiration or a way to get involved.

How will you inspire your timeline for good this year?

Sometimes stepping into the role as an inspirational leader and being seen as a role model can be intimidating. It might not seem like we are capable of it or up to the task, but we all have a light to shine. Everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, to touch someone, to inspire something positive.

The world is watching…what kind of impact will you make in 2015?

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