Love Leads the Way (with cactus arms)

My wish on International Women’s Day was that we don’t have to stop and make a point to honor women for one day. My wish is also that we don’t denounce the day either, because we must shine bold, bright and radiant light on women more, even just for one day of recognition, action, investment and powerful storytelling. I wish for gender parity, equal access to positions of power, financial security and equal rights for women of all nations and backgrounds around the world. These basic rights should not be wishes and dreams, but realities.

While there are amazing individuals and activists, as well as organizations and governmental initiatives making progress around the world to expand opportunities for women and girls, as well as empower leaders, create more safe and equitable living environments and access to education, it’s not enough. Child marriage and astounding numbers of child slavery and abuse of girls and women continues to permeate all cultures globally.

Yet, we rise.

We can make an impact on personal levels that have far-reaching positive impact. From consumer choices, to personal evolution and a passion to act, we are the change. The #MeToo movement is one recent example of women’s personal stories catalyzing big change in the boys club of Hollywood and beyond.

Through personal risk-taking and collective vision, overcoming obstacles and facing fear, we are changing the world’s view of women and expanding opportunities at the personal, local and global levels.

I just returned from leading a soul’d out Wellfit Wellness Adventure retreat with beautiful, inspiring and amazing women. It is my greatest honor and privilege to organize, plan and facilitate space where women can grow, explore, laugh and push beyond their perceived limits. That is as far as my work goes; the women, the tribe, our sisterhood make the magic happen. When we commit to expressing ourselves authentically, listening generously to one another and holding space for our messes and badass successes, we are elevating humanity!

In our circle, we are equal.

In our circle, we are honored.

In our circle, we validate ourselves.

In our circle, we reflect our worthiness in each other.

Then we go make good things happen in the world around us. The kindness begins within.

The immersion experience of travel in this intentional sisterhood is not for everyone, but I truly believe it could be. While it can be uncomfortable to travel in a group setting, try new experiences, foods and physically push our self-perceived limits, everyone leaves our retreat feeling they are completely, belovedly deserving of whatever she wants.

How would our world be different if we all committed to lifting one another up, to rising and shining through our messes and in our successes, all the while knowing it’s worth it and so are we?

Start with self-love and then give it all away, knowing the well of love is endless and you can regenerate more any time.


self love

is a


for the earth

as your self love

grows stronger,

so do the waves of change that

you can create.”

yung pueblo

We got this, Wellfit people.

In loving-kindness,




Save the Dates. December 2018 and March 2019 for the next Wellfit Women’s Adventure Retreat!

If you’re interested in a custom trip to any of our locations, contact Jill directly, including Our Sacred Journey to Peru.

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