Retreat! What You and the World Need Now

This morning I ate Burnt Honey and Foraged Lavender ice cream and waffles for breakfast. It may have been vegan and gluten-free, but I can assure you it was sugary sweet, decadent goodness to start my day.

What does this have to do with going on retreat (and how dare I be so indulgent first thing in the morning when I have more important things to do)?

When we infuse adventure and simple pleasure into our everyday lives, we can better sustain our selves through triumph and challenge, friction and flow; and if that means eating purple ice cream for breakfast, so be it! I use the word “retreat” cautiously, as the general connotation is to step back or even give up upon impending defeat. I prefer the meaning, derived from the latin word retrahere: to draw back, to call back, to draw in from the extremities. Retreating is a way to visit our selves more deeply, to draw inspiration from the core of who we are, away from the outside noise. Retreats were once reserved for spiritual leaders to practice self-examination in seclusion, but we don’t need to leave for months and weeks on end. A week here and there will do—and even a day or two.

I specialize in creating immersion experiences that will have an immediate and powerful positive (and lasting) impact on your life. Our adventure wellness trips are intensive, potent and immersive opportunities for life-enhancing change!

Yes, you are going to have a meaningful, empowering and super fun experience.

Yes, you will also be challenged emotionally and physically.

AND…absolutely, you will come back with clarity, vision and a plan to implement change and consistent, restorative retreats in your daily life.

I wish for us all to be free from shame in taking daily, weekly or even monthly retreats! I will help you connect the dots of your “a-ha” moments on retreat to magic-making in all areas of your life at home.

  • Make space for that fun, flirty vacation romance back home.
  • Live your daily life as carefree, yet focused and engaged as you are when traveling.
  • Learn practical tools to infuse your routines with ease and joy on the daily.
  • Return to your work and family with more creative energy, passion and a plan to sustain your reinvigorated vision.
  • Create a life you don’t have to “vacate”.

This authentic advice comes from “therapist me”, once deeply entrenched in heart-wrenching clinical social work in Denver. I went into the helping profession with a beacon of light and after four years on the front lines of the most horrific abuse cases against children, all I could see was darkness. I had to take a step away, retreat from the bombardment of abuse to restore and balance my approach to healing-impact and change-making. As trite and ubiquitous a sentiment, it’s ever-relevance persists, we must put on our own oxygen mask prior to assisting others with theirs. Let’s not wait until an emergency to learn this skill!

Has your bright light dimmed?

What are you ready to draw away from in order to return with fresh eyes and a new approach?

How would it feel to create a career or make powerful decisions from your intuition and deepest desires, uninfluenced by external forces and expectations?

Our adventure and wellness retreats allow you the space and support to draw inward, to connect from within, your wisdom, willpower and why that you bring out into the world.

At Wellfit Institute, we do this through deep, connecting workshops and rituals, fun and inspiring adventure, challenging fitness workouts, grounding meditation and centering yoga. Pair all these fabulous activities with the most gorgeous settings in the world, delicious food and great friends and you’re off to a fresh (re)start of your one wild and precious life.

Join one of our upcoming retreats:
La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico
December 7-12, 2017 or March 1-6, 2018


Customize your group* adventure to one of our locations in Costa Rica, Baja, Mexico, Peru, Croatia and Greece

*Custom groups can include families and all genders

Click here to learn more about Jill’s Baja Adventure

Jill Wheeler is a professional counselor, leadership consultant, speaker, writer, yoga instructor and adventure athlete who specializes in creating transformational experiences through Wellfit Institute. Whether it is out on the water or on top of a mountain, Wheeler’s Wellfit Insitute combines life coaching with the power of nature. The result: Adventure Therapy. As personal discovery coach and therapist, Jill works with individuals, couples, families and groups addressing a range of psycho-social issues; as an adventure guide, she leaves high impact, life changing adventures around the world. Wellfit Institute empowers people to live well, fit and adventurous lives with purpose and passion.

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