A Transformational Journey to Peru with Linda Banashek and Jill Wheeler


Join adventure therapist, yoga teacher and life coach, Jill Wheeler, along with wellness coach, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, Linda Banashek, for an interview about their exciting upcoming adventure in Peru that you can join them on. As friends for more than 15 years, Jill and Linda come together to share a bond of sisterhood, the love of adventure and a commitment to passionate, healthy living with you.

What makes a journey with Wellfit Institute unique?

JW: Our adventures combine adventure sports, cultural experiences and small group travel with yoga, meditation and sacred ceremony. The experiences are carefully crafted to have a powerful impact and lasting effect far beyond the trip.

LB: Wellfit Institute provides a safe, yet adventurous container for exploring new ways of being, connecting and stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’s always a blast!IMG_34699

What is a transformational journey?

JW: Wellfit Women adventures are designed for women to take time to reflect upon what they really want in their lives, to have fun and to be invigorated by donating their time; we call it “adventure for good”. In addition to exploring the rich Peruvian heritage in our upcoming adventure, getting to know local villagers and volunteering along alongside the Wellfit Girls in a meaningful way, we provide an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection through yoga, meditation and sacred ceremony.

LB: When you show up authentically and you make a commitment to yourself, your group and the community in which you are workingyoure never the same. And once youve experienced that shiftyoure life continues to magically transform.


IMG_31377What is your fondest experience in Peru?

JW: Feeling genuinely connected to the local community in which we volunteer is the highlight for me; and I must also admit that Machu Picchu always takes my breath away!

LB: Working with the children in the local community. When we first walked through the gates of the schoolyard and all of the children came running with their smiles, laughter and hugsI thought to myself, I have been waiting for this moment my entire life.



What do you love about Peru?

JW: The people, the mountains, the food, the trains, the ruins…need I say more?

LB: EVERYTHING! But mostly, I love the love that I feel there. It is such a heart-centered culture that you can’t help but feel it in the beautiful colors, the warm smiles and the majestic and dreamy mountains. I can hardly wait to go back!


What inspires you most about traveling with women?

JW: Nurturing deep friendships and learning about a place through the eyes, minds and souls of other women.

LB: The transformation that happens individually and collectively when traveling with women is always mind blowing for me. I love being a part of the process; as a facilitator and as a participant, it’s humbling and confidence building.


What are daily practices that keep you balanced and healthy?




Water. Water! WATER!

Meditation, even 5 minutes a day. I need my alone time to stay centered

Gratitude and service

Time in nature and with friends and family




Daily meditation/yoga/exercise

Healthy food and water

Connecting with my family, dogs, friends and community


Self-love and gratitude


In one word what is your intention for this journey?

JW : Connection

LB: Transformation IMG_33400


Who should sign up for this unique adventure?

JW: This trip is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the best of the Peruvian highlands culture along with the transformational power of yoga and meditation.

If you want deeper connections, adventure and an opportunity to give to others in a meaningful way, this journey is for you!

There are only two spots left…invite your best friend, mother, sister, daughter and join us!

LB: ME! Oh wait. Im already going! 🙂


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