Freedom + New Beginnings

How free can you be?

Hope you all had a safe weekend celebrating our nation’s freedom

+ independence…

Fourth of July is synonymous with red, white and blue everything, BBQ’s, fireworks and celebrations nationwide. But for me, freedom’s been on my mind.

Mine and yours…

In 42 years I’ve never been out of the country (as far as I can recall) on the Fourth. I woke up that morning on a tiny private island off the coast of Guanaja, part of Honduras’ Bay Islands. It was our last day, so officially, I didn’t break my streak but the US sure did feel far away that morning. I had dropped into our little island paradise. I discovered a profound and deep freedom on so many levels. My week was immeasurable. It seemed like ages since I had been home and at the same time, as I sat in the open-air one room airport with no electricity and a slight breeze on Guanja, as if I had just arrived yesterday. This was one of the best adventures I’ve had in my entire life because it wasn’t a vacation, I knew I wasn’t going long for it once I was gone, because I chose to embody all the qualities of paradise in my life.

Paradise is not a place. It’s a mindset.

Paradise is a way of living and freedom is a way of being. Accepting these big concepts as life and not theory was blowing any limiting beliefs I had away with the wind, read: “it’s not realistic to be a traveling counseling professional”, “you can’t have it all”, “you can’t afford to travel like that”.

What beliefs are limiting YOUR freedom?
Are you ready to let yours blow away for good?

Last month in my blog I shared about my upcoming “plans” to adventure the world and that I have closed my therapy office in Naples and taken my work online. I felt exposed and vulnerable sharing the news and a part of me feared disappointment from clients and family. I waited too long to admit to my close friends and family in Florida that we were really making this big move; especially my mom. I feel like I left a part of me with her, but I’ve had a busy month of nonstop travel since I left Naples June 8th and closed on our family home that day. I have since slept in eleven different beds, camped in the Peruvian Highlands, visited two countries, 12 states. When I landed in Peru June 9th, everything I own sold or in a pod, I had a tinge of freedom and holy s*** mixed into one. Then I got a call first thing that morning as I landed in Cusco from my husband informing me that a home he had toured with our realtor (the amazing Alison Sirlin, shout out, woot woot) in Boulder a month prior fell through and was back on the market. It was the only house that appealed to me in six months of looking and by the time he had gotten the showing on a visit out there, it was already under contract that very morning. I was frustrated at the time, as he walked through the house proclaiming about how awesome it was. They FaceTimed the showing with me, but I only half-heartedly looked, as I didn’t want to be tempted by what I couldn’t have.

So here he was, a month later, as I am about to embark on an 11-day expedition I am leading to ask if I want to buy the house. That I’ve NEVER seen myself! There were four other people lined up wanting to put in offers. It was now or never. Thirteen years of trust-building kicked in and I said “sure, honey, go for it; I trust you”. I knew if I didn’t like once I got there, we could sell it. Before I landed in the states from Peru, I was already the proud owner of a home in my beloved “home town” of Boulder. Yup, it’s really happening…

I will see the house today for the first time and begin to settle…for a short time as we plan, decide, devise this crazy plan to travel.

Okay, back to Honduras…

I had a lot of time to think while kiting. I had some solid goals to progress my kite skills while we were there for the week and when not accomplishing those, I cruised, meditated, channeled healing wind and water energy and contemplated. I thought about how my business is changing. I thought about Wellfit Girls and the amazing work we are doing with our non-profit. I thought about how best to serve my clients and the world. I intend to serve globally, wherever I go, that is my mission.

I spent nearly five years building the brand Wellfit Institute. My vision was for the Institute to evolve and grow beyond me and it has. Wellfit continues to be based in Naples and provides wellness, yoga, paddleboard yoga and adventure-based events. I love everything I have created with Wellfit Institute, as well as my partners, colleagues and clients who continue to nurture its success.

…and I am excited to announce and launch a new focus of the Wellfit family…me, as individual! 

Our new site is The new website allows me the freedom to work as I travel (and who doesn’t want freedom), but still features what we are doing at Wellfit Institute , Wellfit Girls and with the Warrior One movie.

Most of you know me by now. I am not a one-size-fits-all operation. I am unique in my offerings, share personally and connect with my clients intuitively. My blogs aren’t ghost-written, pre-written or mass produced. I write in the moment, about what is touching me at that moment!

My approach to counseling, coaching, therapy and whatever else you want to call it is connection. I listen, look and feel with my senses to understand what my clients are going through and I speak directly to them, about them, not in theory or something I read or something some other master told me. It’s part art and part healer getting to know someone in this way, to help, guide, serve and support. I worried about leaving a “normal”, regular therapy office life to travel because I didn’t want to leave my clients hanging, but after this week in paradise and the several Skype therapy sessions I had, I know it can be done and it can be done well!

The second morning on the island I had a Skype therapy call and it was quite loud in the background as the only other guests on the island were leaving that morning and having a final, fun breakfast together. I joked with them as they walked to the boat to leave that it was a bit of a challenge speaking with my client whose life was falling apart as we all celebrated life in paradise. One woman smiled and replied kindly that maybe her life would be better if she came down here for a while herself.

At that moment, “Theradise” was born!

Concepts of “Theradise”:

  • I could practice therapy from paradise (or anywhere I want for that matter). If I am happy and centered, I can be more of a clear space for those needing clarity, calm and peace in their lives.
  • Clients who live like life is paradise will improve their lives automatically.
  • There is no such thing as a vacation; we can’t vacate our lives. If you love someplace, make it your home somehow or bring the energy of it or who you are in that place, back home with you!
  • How we show up anywhere is how we show up everywhere.
  • The key to having it all, is believing you already do.

This past week I developed a deep sense of gratitude for my life exactly as it is right now and it has given me such a powerful feeling of freedom and joy. My time with my husband was the best we’ve had in more than a decade. I have accepted myself for who I am and who I am not. I set goals and crushed them, even in the face of fear and some serious wipeouts!

I know I have not left anyone or anything behind. I am right where I need to be and more present than ever and ready to serve, inspire and shine along the journey.

Please check out our new website!

I hope you like the new look! Please drop me a note and let me know what you think! I am always open to your questions and comments! Stay tuned for more news about my travels and writing!

Stay tuned at for:

  • Online Leadership + Coaching Group for women who want to create powerful vision, fiery passion and wild adventure in their lives!
  • Online Global Adventure Speaker Series
  • Personal Online Coaching and Counseling openings
  • My first book!

In loving-kindness,


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