It’s March. I am kinda freaking out. I mean really, how did we get to March so soon?!

We are one month into our Wellfit Group Coaching + Leadership Program for Women and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be leading such a powerful, inspiring group of women! I learn and grow every day as a coach and therapist and truly love all my clients!

The next few months are busy with some of my favorite Wellfit events and adventures coming up…

Thursday we have the Warrior One Screening to benefit the Wellfit Girls Program and THIS Sunday is our 4th annual Everglades “Stay-venture”. It’s a must do!

You have no idea the treasures hiding just beyond our landscaped lawns and pristine beaches in the Fakahatchee Strand…come find out!

In April it’s our 4th Kite. Paddle. Yoga Adventure Costa Rica!

Living the Wellfit life is truly an adventure…and… I am equally terrified and excited by life right now. (keeping it real, people)

Life these days is a see saw of exciting opportunities; on one side there’s travel to share the mission of the Wellfit Girls Leadership Program and Warrior One movie and the other, a quiet pull of home-life; my own little girls and their journey.

Then there is the (not-so-subtle) plan of the Universe—the ever-present falling-into-place, forcing-the-cards-in-the-hand that can’t be denied plan.

I lost my voice more than a month ago and haven’t had much time to rest. Let me reframe. I haven’t taken the time to rest and the Universe is telling me something.

Enter Paul Simon’s voice. Slow down, you move too fast.

More than my voice was a little tired and a word keeps coming into my mind, sabbatical. Break. I need a break. But, to ever-adventure, wonder-what’s-next girl, I don’t even know what that means.

I did take a nap this month in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. That was quite delicious and…tempting, to not get up the rest of the day.

This is my fear personified. What if I stop and I don’t want to start again? What if I rest and I can’t get up.

What happens when the mental health professional needs a mental health day?

I am going to tell you…

My SECRET to re:vival.

Are you ready?

It’s simple.

1) I say my mantra before my feet hit the ground every morning:

I am enough

I have enough

I do enough


2) Smile at fear.

Smile at fatigue.

Smile at frustration.

Smile at worry.

3) Smile. Simply Smile.

My favorite teacher, Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Pema Chodron, speaks about smiling at fear. What does that even mean?

It means befriending yourself as you are, right now.

It also means simply turning up the corners of your mouth.

I do this when I am on the last mile of a run and I am hurting and “done”. I do this when I am frustrated at my kids (yes, it happens). I do this when I feel overwhelmed by decisions. I don’t do it enough some days…

AND now I am committing right now, to you, to simply smile more.

Even though it doesn’t strain my voice to write, I am going to take my healer’s advice and stay short-winded in my writing this month.

My invitation to you is to worry less, plan less, do less and smile more.

I am going to be friendlier to myself and do the same.






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