Beyond Resolutions: Version 2015

What are you waiting for?
Are you ready?
How will YOU make 2015 your best year ever?
It’s not what we do, so much as getting out of our own darn way that allows us to create the change we want to be.Is it really that simple to let go of what holds us back?
How do we give it up? We just do it.

Here are a couple easy steps to letting things go everyday:

Acknowledge what is no longer serving you and vow to let it go.
Make amends with, or say goodbye to those with whom you must in order to move on your own path.
Change the way you speak. Not I should, have to or need to BUT I would like to, I get to and I want to. The way we speak about what we do affects our experiences and our commitment to sustainable change (i.e. the outcome)!
If all else fails tape a bunch of sticky notes to your mirror or refrigerator to motivate and inspire you. Here are some examples of good mantras that never go out of style:
one size fits all.

Live in the Now.
Choose Joy.
Let Your Light Shine.
Enjoy the Journey.
Be the Change.
Follow Your Bliss.

Now for some ACTION!
Here is an exercise you can do to jump start a year full of intention and purposeful action:

On a piece of paper write down everything you are ready to give up RIGHT NOW.

(Doing this with your family or friends is awesome. It’s great to have a witness and an accountability buddy to support you in your intentions.)

Don’t censor!

NOT what you would like to or what you think you should give up or even what you will give up within the next couple months. RIGHT NOW, no bulls***! The list can be short or long, just make sure it’s real and specific.

This is your life. It’s urgent.

NOT I will give up my bad habits, BUT, I will quit smoking for good. I will stop going to happy hour every day after work and I won’t eat ice cream for breakfast. The more specific you are, even if it makes you squirm to say it, the more power it has over you. Now is the time to face what no longer serves you and say goodbye: read your list out loud to yourself in a mirror, or better yet in front of friends/family/therapist/mailman whoever will help hold yourselves accountable.

Use these words before you start the list:

I am ready, NOW, to let go of…

Then burn, tear or shred the list.

Next: declare out loud with your friend, family member (accountability buddy) or to yourself in the mirror what you commit to for 2015.

If you need to write your intentions down, that is fine, but definitely declare them out loud, as well.

The wording here:

I commit to…in 2015.

Final step. With an assertive voice and rock star posture, stand up and make a declaration statement of being that you embody in the New Year (and beyond)!

I am ___________ (loving, free, happy, inspiring…).

Let it fit and let it stick (even if you don’t completely believe it right now), begin the process of embodying this new way of being by declaring in the affirmative, I am.

This thoughtful, mindful practice allows you to consciously, purposefully and intentionally direct you to a new way of being, not just doing.

It is my belief that New Years Day is just as arbitrary as Arbor Day. YOU can start your new year at any moment of any day of the year. Considering there is so much commercial and societal hype around this time of year, I thought I’d join in, but in my personal and professional practice, we check in with our intentions and personal declarations all year long. If they continue to fit and guide us, we empower and re-assert them, if they no longer serve us, we re-commit to new statements of self-determination!

ENJOY and please let me know how this works for you!

If anyone would like an accountability buddy or someone to declare to via text, Skype, phone or email, PLEASE reach out to me!

When we support each other in our efforts, we create a powerful, sustainable web of exponential growth!

As always, 30 minute consultations are always free to determine if coaching or counseling is right for you! Having the right partner makes all the difference in sustaining the change you want to be.

My intentions for 2015:

To let love and joy be my primary guide.
To play more and worry less.
To be a source of inspiration, support and guidance for my clients, friends and family.
To live honestly.
To continue to eat a primarily plant-based diet (with occasional flexibility and spontaneity as a guest and during world travel – never know when I might encounter some farm-raised goat cheese or an irresistible insect).
To be a more present mother and wife.
To celebrate fitness through fun, active and engaging daily exercise!
To kitesurf more.
To travel to at LEAST 20 new countries.

What I look forward to in 2015.

Kicking off our SECOND Wellfit Girls leadership program and taking them to Peru in June. We begin our 5-month wellness/fitness/adventure program NEXT WEEK.
Touring and speaking with my documentary, Warrior One.
Kiteboarding every chance I get.
Serving my clients in private practice, groups, workshops, adventures and writing.
Wellfit Women’s Kiteboard/Yoga/Paddleboard Camp April 2015.
Beginning to film a new movie, Gaia Girls in Kentucky this summer.
Playing tag, twister, hide and seek, longboard skating and being a kid with my kids!
Traveling half way around the world (more on that later)…
What does your 2015 look like?


Ya gotta envision it, then declare it to manifest it!

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