One Million Miles (Thank You American Airlines)

One Million Miles

(Thank You American Airlines)

Thank you American Airlines!

Peaks Foundation Wellfit Girls Challenge

There are no strangers in this world because once you lend a hand, once you open up your heart you are connected and a bond like that can change lives.

I’m up for changing lives. I’m also all about playing big. I am all for making new friends and asking for what I need to get to the next level. The two most important words to making big things happen: vulnerability and tenacity.

As an agent of change and a force for good, I can tell you once thing for sure. It TAKES A VILLAGE. You’ve got to be vulnerable enough to ask for and receive help and you’ve got to give it all you got, without worry or expectation of outcome.

So, last fall when I received a message on Facebook (an awesome place to make world-impacting and life-changing connections) from Richard Levy, a motivational speaker, coach and pilot, I answered the call to action. He inquired about my work and then invited me to be a guest on his radio show.

Here is the radio interview on Richard Levy’s Wealthy Thoughts Radio Show on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio, which aired in February. On the air we spoke about the Wellfit Girls Challenge and everything my team was doing to mentor and prepare the girls for our service, cultural and adventure expedition to Peru May 27-June 5th, 2014. Off the air Richard expressed his interest in helping our girls get to Peru. This was more than two months ago! A combination of Richard’s integrity and long-standing history as a Captain with American Airlines, as well as his tenacity and big heart earned us the generous gift of air travel for our Wellfit Girls!

My friend Jennifer tells me all the time that I am a powerful manifestor. She was thrilled to hear the recent news about our sponsorship from American Airlines. Thrilled, but not surprised. I attribute this to believing that good things will come our way, positive thinking, as well as a deep feeling of deserving and knowing I am doing the right thing. When our vision is crystal clear, we can more powerfully ask for what we need and want and when we are acting in integrity and alignment, the universe–and the right people–conspire right along with us to manifest great things.

It has been heart-warming to not only have a new friend, but one who checked in with me sometimes daily and at least weekly to report the progress of the air travel he requested on our behalf. Among hours, days and months (and nearly at this point years) I have put into this project, it has been a blessing to have someone offer such a gift and do all the leg work to make these flights happen: forms, follow up emails, even thank you letters. What a wonderful and true act of kindness and generosity on so many levels.

Thank you does not do justice the gratitude I feel for this man and for American Airlines. Every person I emailed and spoke with from American, including the CEO of the company have been lovely, engaged and genuinely interested in our project.

Words fall short, but if you could see my heart smiling, this is what you would see and hear…

Thank you…thank you…thank you…American Airlines and Richard Levy, my friend and inspiration for kindness, tenacity and generosity.

…and to Peru we go in six weeks!

In loving kindness and gratitude,

Jill Wheeler

Peaks Foundation Wellfit Girls Challenge


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