February Newsletter: Adventure + Inspiration + Wellness with Jill Wheeler

Adventure for Life:
(how adventure actually saved mine)

Adventure for Life
Adventure is when you don’t know what is going to happen next. Life is uncertain, full of surprises; you never really know what’s around the corner. So, therefore life is one big adventure, right? Then why does it not feel like that all the time? Why do we sometimes feel that our daily lives are packed with “to do” lists, obligations, or work, and not enough play? OK, I’ll speak for myself. Believe it or not, I put this pressure on myself quite often and I forget to just enjoy the ride.

It seems I have always struggled with balance between adventure + play + growing up + being responsible, especially in my early 20s. I still do grapple a bit, but I have carved out a niche in Adventure Therapy that makes my spontaneous adventures and wanderlust for travel a purposeful journey that does good for others beyond just myself and that is something I really enjoy!

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Wellfit Institute is thrilled to announce we are partnering with Peaks Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) on a 5-month health, wellness and empowerment program for at-risk teen girls. Wellfit Girls Challenge will conclude with a life-changing trip to Peru and trek up Machu Picchu, one of the seven Modern Wonders of the World. The 11 carefully selected teen girls from Lee and Collier County will be featured in a full-length documentary as they embark on the expedition of a lifetime.

“The day I started believing in myself, there was no going back,” says Jill Wheeler, Founder & CEO of Wellfit Institute. “I wanted to create a curriculum that would empower teen girls and teach them that they can climb high in all areas of life.”

Throughout the five-month journey, Wellfit Girls Challenge will teach the girls about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, leadership and most importantly, themselves. The curriculum includes weekly personal training sessions with Andrew Miranti, Director of Strength and Conditioning and Assistant Director of Sports Performance, at Total Athletic Performance, as well as group therapy and empowerment sessions, fitness activities, yoga, and more. The teens will receive expert leadership and personal growth coaching and counseling from Jill Wheeler and Debra Frenkel, licensed therapists at Wellfit Institute. Miranti, Wheeler and Frenkel are all donating their time and services.


In May, the girls will fly to Cusco, Peru and embark on an eight-day cultural exchange and trek of a lifetime. For most of these girls, it will be the first time they’ve traveled outside of the United States, and for some the state of Florida. Upon arriving in Cusco, they will meet a dozen Peruvian teens, and will be immersed into the daily life and traditions of nearby rural communities.

Over the course of the eight-day expedition the girls will have to adapt to a new culture, altitude, extreme temperature changes, physical challenges and more. They will tour the city of Cusco, participate in community-building projects, work with local artists and venture to sacred sites. They will visit a local community house and learn, first-hand, about the conditions in which the Peruvian children and their families live. The girls will join together to trek the Lares Trail in Peru, and reach both Huayna Picchu and the ruins of Machu Picchu, a 15th century Inca site, nearly 8,000 feet above sea level.


The entire journey will be filmed as a full-length documentary, but Wellfit Girls Challenge is more than just a movie, it’s a movement. The documentary, to be named later, will be showcased at major international film festivals and theaters across North America and throughout the world. The hope is for the film to have a global impact spreading the Wellfit Girls Challenge mentality that women and girls can change the world.

Jon Fitzgerald, a director/producer with over 20 years of experience in the motion picture business started filming in Naples the first week of January. “These girls have incredible stories to share, stories that will inspire other teens across the country and all over the world. The film touches on several key issues facing so many today. My hope is this documentary will inspire and empower others along the way,” says Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald is the Founder & CEO of CineCause, based in Los Angeles. CineCause uses social impact cinemas to affect change in communities across the country.


The girls range in age from 13 to 18 years old, and live all over Southwest Florida including in Marco Island, Naples, and Bonita Springs. From depression to insecurities to poverty, these girls face real issues and challenges in their daily lives. Each one has agreed to share their story and transformation along the way.

Their lives will be forever changed with new relationships and experiences to draw from. Through these adventures, these unlikeliest of heroes will share a new sense of discovery and achievement together, and as individuals. They are certain to undergo personal transformations, finding inspiration that will help to shape the future of their lives.


Click here to visit our First Giving Page. Any donation, big or small, will make a difference to these girls.

Follow our journey on Facebook. For more information on fundraising and sponsorship opportunities contact Colby Robertson at 715.297.6233.

Will you Adventure with me? 

New Year. New Adventures.
2014 is THE YEAR to grow adventure in your life and in your community with Wellfit Institute!Join me in my “favorite places, favorite adventures” in 2014! I am beyond thrilled and proud to be taking groups to Peru, Boulder, CO and Costa Rica.
Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a discontented workaday weekend warrior, a badass world class adventurer or an emerging adventurista, our adventures meet each participant where they are in their lives.From our co-ed offerings, like paddleboard yoga classes, to upcoming Everglades off-road bike + yoga adventures to our Ultimate Girls Adventure Weekend in Boulder in June and our signature kiteboard/yoga/paddleboard in Costa Rica adventure in December, there are always opportunities to jump-start your passion, find new partners in crime, or simply just have fun! December’s Costa Rica trip will be our 4th kite/yoga/paddleboard camp! It is an absolute must if you love being in remote, wild and sacred spaces with amazing women.
Register for Wellfit trips and events!If a trip isn’t in the plan for you this year, feel free to explore more ways to bring adventure and passion into your everyday life through personal Adventure Therapy + Life Coaching.

Save the Date!
Upcoming Wellfit Adventure Events


MARCH 9, 2014
8:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
$125 INCLUDES gourmet, organic Wellfit lunch, bike rental, yoga, + ADVENTURE!
Wellfitinstitute.com | 239.595.3199

JUNE 26-29, 2014
Upscale camping in Vintage Airstreams on a Boulder estate
Cutting edge cuisine, cocktails on cruiser bikes, hiking, rock climbing, live music, art, yoga + wellness
Wellfitinstitute.com | 239.595.3199

DECEMBER 4-9, 2014 | $2,095
6 days/5 nights in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica
Experience kiteboarding from a yoga mindset in the culturally, ecologically and spiritually rich Costa Rica
Enhance mind, body and spirit through adventure sport, nutrition, yoga and friendship
Wellfitinstitute.com | 239.595.3199
Mention this newsletter and receive $150 off your registration if you book before February 28

Great Kickoff to 2014!

January was an exciting month! I spoke at the eBella Magazine Bella Vita Women’s Conference and networked with intelligent, accomplished and inspiring women.

Damien LeRoy, our second speaker in the Adventure Speaker Series at lululemon, was entertaining, inspiring and FUN!

Join us in late March for the amazing, kind, worldwide cycling humanitarian adventurer Ryan Van Duzer (exact date to be announced soon!)
For now, check out Van Duzers fun video: Sh*t Cyclists Say.

Our Next Adventure 

I’m SO excited for all of this adventure that I am already thinking about NEXT year when it comes to big dreams + big adventures!

In 2015, I am launching a personal year-long journey with me and our Wellfit Team!
The package will include:
– Personal coaching + goal setting
– Adventure therapy + travel
– Group coaching + workshops
– yoga + fitness + wellness

– A customized ultimate adventure trip to celebrate EVERYTHING throughout the year
Stay in touch for updates in the coming months, and get on board with this intimate + adventurous journey into your life!
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